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ItspleaZure Swimwear Sarong

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Buy Sexy Dresses for Women Online in India from ItsPleazure

ItsPleazure is a dedicated place to shop for all your sexy essential requirements, from adult toys & bondage equipment to lubricants & condoms, shop for all your bedroom essentials under one roof; it is only fair that you should also find a wide selection of sexy clothes like sexy dresses, bondage wear, accessories, skirts, bikinis and more to complement your fantasies and toys.

Whether you're looking for sexy dresses to seduce your partner, comfortable bedroom wear or a hot dress to make head turns at a party; you can easily shop for all sexy clothes especially sexy dresses at As more women choose to shop online, ItsPleazure takes care of the most integral aspects like quality fabrics, pocket-friendly options and innumerable designs to choose from.


Get Sexy Clothes That Will Make Others Jealous

Wearing the correct attire makes all the difference, sexy clothes like sexy dresses have a positive impact on the surroundings you're trying to blend in and also gives you the confidence to carry yourself well. Like a lot of women in India if you too choose to shop online for sexy dresses, this is the place to be, from office-friendly peplum dresses, flowing evening gowns to latex sexy dresses and Rompers, here is your chance to make an impression the minute you walk in flaunting a sexy dress.

You are sure to make more than a few heads turn wherever you go, this is your chance to look like the showstopper at every party with the sexy dresses’ selection from ItsPleazure. While you do get a wide collection, good material and a steal deal with pricing the biggest benefit is the extra component of ‘Sexy’ that ItsPleazure brings with every single product and every single dress.

Whether you prefer sexy dresses, Latex wear, skirts, bandage dresses, bodycon, tops or gowns we have you covered for all types and styles of sexy clothes.


Sexy Wear and Outfits to Reflect Your Style Quotient and Attitude

I have nothing to wear- a statement women dread yet repeat more often than not, you can now reflect your style with the sexy clothes for women at ItsPleazure, choose from -

- The Everyday chic sexy clothes options that are subtle for any scene, be it night or day, check out the sexy wear options loves by our clients – the ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN BOWKONT OFF SHOULDER ELASTIC WAIST ROMPER JUMPSUIT, the ITSPLEAZURE WOMAN'S WHITE SHEER LACE BELL SLEEVE RETRO PARTY SKATER DRESS  among many more sexy dresses.

- The Evening elegance sexy clothes options that are perfect for those dinner dates and evening galas, like the PINK OFF THE SHOULDER MINI DRESS, the beautiful ITSPLEAZURE LACEUP DEEP V NECK TURQUOISE DRESS, or the graceful yet sexy dress ITSPLEAZURE BLACK MAXI EVENING DRESS.

- The Flirty and Sexy options – sexy dresses are a big part of every women’s Hot clothing collection, with designs like ITSPLEAZURE PURPLE OFF SHOULDER MAXI SIDE SLIT PARTY WEAR DRESS FOR WOMEN or the  SEXY GOGO CROSSES MINI DRESS you are sure to catch your partners’ attention. Check out the EROTIC GOLDEN WETLOOK DRESS for a wild experience in a bold look.

- The party animal - Looking for a wild night out? If grace and sexiness go hand in hand it would certainly look like the WOMEN METALLIC SEXY HALTER NECK BACKLESS BODYCON MINI DRESS-GOLD, ItsPleazure not only houses plenty of sexy dresses to choose from but also serves as the perfect shopping spot for the party animal in you. Check out sexy dresses for women like the  WOMAN'S BLACK RED COLORBLOCK CROSS FRONT BODYCON DRESS  and the BLACK SEXY NIGHTY SHOULDER SKATER HOT  BODYCON DRESS among many more.


Hot and Sexy Bikini: Stay Sexy on the Beach Too

Selecting the correct beachwear is very important, an ideal Swimming costume serves its purpose by being breathable & comfortable in the water and providing support and style outside it. Hot and sexy bikinis are a trend in India and are largely influenced by golden girls on the big screen, adult film stars and of course the latest designer trends. As far as sexy clothing goes, the bikini is most certainly sexiest of the lot and with the addition of G-strings , Thongs, crotchless designs and mesh fabric the style quotient just went up.

Select your favorite ones according to your body type and taste –


One-Piece Swimsuits -

Comfort and support like none other, the classic one-piece swimsuit is as sexy as it is athletic and ideal for a beach day. ItsPleazure houses a wide collection of one-piece swimsuits in a variety of colors, designs and affordable designs. Check out the trendy  ITSPLEAZURE ASYMMETRIC PRINT SPLICING STRAPS CROSS MAILLOT IN BLACK, the sensual  HOT RACER SWIMWEAR or the subtle tones of  WHITE LACE RUFFLE CAP SLEEVE ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT


Two-Piece Sexy Bikini – 

The two-piece Bikini collection at ItsPleazure is elegance at its best, with bright colors, beautiful patterns/prints, latest designs in G-strings and perfect sexy clothing options for the beach, you can wear these in the pool or outside with your partner to make things steamy. There are plenty of options to choose from and you can check out some of the bestsellers that go great at a pool party – like the  ORANGE CROSS FRONT BIKINI VINTAGE FLORAL HIGH WAIST SWIMSUIT, the adorable head turners at the beach - JEWELED-TRIM TRIANGULAR BIKINI or the  TWO PIECE MARIJUANA SWIMSUIT, and these that work best behind closed doors TEARDROP MICRO EXTREME BIKINI SET - RED.


Raunchy Micro Bikini –

The bikini is a modest piece of sexy clothing as it is but if you want to take things up a notch and flaunt your figure we recommend the Micro bikini or mini bikini, these are a dream come true for your partner and leave just enough to the imagination; designs like the TEARDROP MICRO EXTREME BIKINI SET - NAVY BLUE and ITSPLEAZURE TEARDROP MICRO EXTREME BIKINI SET-RED is as sexy as it can get. 


Chokers and Body Chains to Complement Your Attire

If there is one thing women do not compromise on, its accessories. Irrespective of your style or preference, jewelry/ accessory is a constant and ItsPleazure just made it a whole lot sexier; shop for sexy body jewelry and sexy accessories like waist chains, chockers, leg chains, gold bra, nipple pasties and more to complement all your sexy clothes.


Choker Necklace –

Choker jewelry is a very popular style and the gold choker necklace is one of the bestsellers, loved by bondage & BDSM players and adored for its bold look, choker necklaces are statement jewelry pieces that can enhance the entire look and take it from subtle to staggering in seconds. There is a wide variety available in designs and styles of choker necklaces at ItsPleazure that will pair perfectly with your sexy dresses, some of the must-have pieces include the beautiful party wears RHINESTONE CHOKER.


Body Chains – 

Body chains are the perfect accessories for women and their sexy dresses, they are extremely versatile and can spruce up any style of sexy clothes whatsoever; they come in different types like body chain, leg chain, waist chains, and jewelry lingerie.

There is a lot you can do with sexy jewelry, you can wear it over a crop top to beautify your ensemble, wear it as a waist chain to accentuate that bikini body, or you can also wear body chains like  GOLD SEQUINS BRA  under a sexy dress to seduce your partner. Multiple variations of body chains and their amazing functionalities make these sexy pieces of jewelry an absolute must-have. Here are some pieces you are sure to fall in love with right away – the  ITSPLEAZURE METAL DREAM TEDDY  for the body chain lovers, the  WOMEN'S GOLD TURQUOISE WAIST BELLY NECKLACE BODY CHAIN for the Belly Chains fanatic and  RHINESTONE BRA & SKIRT SET for the classy jewelry lingerie experience.


Pasties –

One of the most seductive body jewelleries that there is, nipple pasties. While this is not a new concept, it does have the same mesmerizing effect even today. A treat for your partner and yourself, of course, nipple pasties can be used for several reasons and worn with complementing sexy clothes. Wearing pasties can help cover just enough and allow you to flaunt backless sexy dresses and sheer attires, the more flaunting designs cancan, of course, be worn as it is and be paired with jackets and mesh tops. Check out the large collection of nipple pasties and the adorable designs available, here is a glimpse -  SEXY BLACK HEART SHAPE NIPPLE PESTIES,  SWEETHEART SEQUIN PASTIES WITH TASSEL-GOLDEN and the FLUFFY FURRY BELLS BURLESQUE NIPPLE COVERS TASSELS PASTIES are some irresistible designs.


Flaunt Your Curves and Make Them Jealous with Unique Hot Pants, Sexy Leggings, and Skirts and Other Sexy Outfits

Sexy Clothes helps define the look for sure but it also allows us to add style and fun to the mundane, it is a lot about feeling comfortable in your skin and style as well as being true to your personality. The collection at ItsPleazure allows you to do just that, with a wide selection of Hot shorts, skirts, and leggings you can add the sexiest pieces to your collection.


Hot shorts – 

Sexy clothes like hot shorts are not only perfect for the summers but also doubles as a sensual attire, choose from stylish GOLDEN LATEX HOT PANTS or the body-hugging  LACE UP MICROFIBER RED BOYSHORT. Shorts are an ideal way to flaunt those beautifully toned legs and enjoy summer the right way; appropriate beachwear, these can be paired with the right crop top for the perfect look.


Quench your lust for Leggings here-

The collection of sexy clothes at ItsPleazure provides a variety of bottom wear for women online, not only does this give you the convenience of shopping for the best designs but also assures that each one of them come with a hint of sexy. Sexy clothes like leggings and leather pants available here help accentuate your figure and show your best features; check out some bestsellers like the  BLACK LEATHER PANTS WITH CRISS-CROSS LACS,  PINK SIDE SLIT LEGGINGS, or go bold with your choices with the  CUT OUT MESH LEGGING  & GOLDEN LATEX LEGGINGS.


Hot Skirts – 

When you think about sexy clothes for women Skirts is sure to come to mind; skirts are a good way to bring together an ensemble defining it either for work or play. The shape and style of skirts always help flaunt the figure and exude sexiness, designs like the   ITSPLEAZURE WET LOOK SKIRT  do just that while the  WOMAN'S HIGH WAIST GROMMETS CORSET SKIRT is a tone of elegance which suits perfectly in those professional settings as well as casual.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 days

ItsPleazure strives to provide a wide range of sexy clothes of the best quality fabric, pocket-friendly prices and a wide variety. Find the perfect sexy dresses, party wear, hot shorts, skirts and more with facilities like quick shipping, fast delivery time and discreet packing; get your hands on your favorite party sexy dresses In 2-5 days delivered to you across India.

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